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1.An outline.

 A particle of 1-50 ㎛ size is removed in a device removing impurities of MulSok (HyeonTakMulJilDeung) as I use ELEMENT of CARTRIDGE TYPE etc...It is a SIEVE MECHANISM mouth being removed with pupil size of the fundamental ELEMENT which impurities are cleared from..Therefore, a particle larger than sizes of a pupil is removed, but a small particle is passed through...


- Whole of equipment numerical purity and the first ten days, it is HuCheoRi.

- Pre-treatment of R/O equipment.

- Stagnation of other all kinds of corpse.


- Appliances operation is simple.

- Filtration of the corpse that viscosity is high is possible.

- Filtration resistance writes down, and filtration ability is large.

- The cost of equipment is economical..- Installation area is small and narrow.

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