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1.I let you carbonize to a palm fruit peel or a brown coal, wood etc., and a lot of SeGong is formed in the early HwalSeongTanIRaHaMyeo particle inside if they revive, and BiPyoMyeonJeok is wide, and a particle of a MaeUGangHan black becomes steam absorption anger under high temperatures.

A device I let the chief of state going through to an activity coal bed, and I filter fine wealth particles (Suspended Solids), and an absorption removes the derelict which smell (Odor), a taste (Taste), colors (Color) are the cause of as I use strong HeupChakRyeok, and I adsorb residual chlorine and chlorine chemical compound, and removing.

2.I can do repetition use as I wash it with YeokSe after dealing with water of a regular sheep, and I operate, and you shall replace HwalSeongTan if absorption ability of HwalSeongTan drops a standard, below for a long term after use.The replacement times read it by about 1.

YeokSeJuGi is proportional to Miss of a wealth particle MulCheoRiRyang and chief of state, and I use iodine, HweNolDeung, and I can measure absorption ability of HwalSeongTan.. 

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